Discreet garden speakers, perfect for summer entertaining!

The owners of this beautiful garden in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, wanted to update the patio area to make it a more relaxing and entertaining space during the summer months.

We had previously installed a media room, WiFi and audio inside the main house, but the garden was a dead spot for WiFi and uninspiringly quiet without any music!

We suggested having small spike speakers arranged inside of the 4 large planter boxes on the back of the house, and a floor standing subwoofer to achieve a full range sound which covered the entire patio. Once the subwoofer was installed, the client had decided they didn’t want it out on the patio for the entire year, and instead wanted to bring it out whenever they had parties and needed some extra volume from the subwoofer. We found a solution for this request, and modified the subwoofer connection to make it simple and easy to plug and unplug the sub whenever the clients wanted.

To control the music, we installed a Sonos Port inside the house, which is linked to the existing house Sonos audio system. This gave the clients the ability to stream music from Spotify, Sonos music and directly from any device which supports Apple Airplay.


In addition, we also installed a point-point network link and WiFi point from the house to the outdoor office and installed an external WiFi point to give good WiFi coverage throughout the whole garden.


The final result was an evenly distributed music from the almost hidden speakers, excellent WiFi coverage and a great summer ahead of entertaining guests!